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Pantech, was the third largest and the BEST mobile phone manufacturer in Korea, has suspended its businesses since 2017.

The main reason was the Korean government's mistake, Which by improperly manipulatind the distribution structure of korean Mobile phone(s).
Few years later, the government that committed that "blunder" had to be impeached and removed years later due to taking $36 million bribes from competitors(A.K.A "Samsung").
Due to that reason, Vice president of Samsung has been jailed for two-and-a-half years, but the company that had already gone could did never be return.

At the 2019, Pantech's Skyservice Website has been shutdowns(offline) due to the reason for the presumed financial shortage.
This page is an unofficial page and I have NOT affiliated with orignal Pantech company. You can contect me with next e-mail address.

Repair shop(Service Center) Information

However, Pantech Customer service centers in korea(South Korea) is still in operation. You can check the location and contact information of the 1 remaining service centers in the Goodmobile website (isky), which acquired SKY Brand from Pantech. If you want to access to isky(, operated by GoodMobile) website, Click here.

User Community.

There is Vietnam User Community related with SKY IM-A910.
You can Press next button to access to this webpage.
If you know Another User Community related with Pantech, Feel free to Contact me to add it.

Data Backup Software

If you have access this page to back up your data on Pantech's mobile phone , you can download the relevant program (Data Manager/PC-SYNC) from the Pantech Planet Cafe(Internet site). if you want to download Data-Manager/PC-SYNC program, Click here.